Blitz was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He received his academic training in art history and classical archaeology at the university of Leyden. After receiving his MA his interest in communication graphics steered him into graphic design, most notably developing signage for international conferences. In Barcelona he became involved with opera, an experience he transformed into stage design for theater and ballet after moving to Geneva. Building on this he eventually launched into oil painting during the summer of 2012 and from then on has dedicated most of his time to his new creative career.

Always with a sharp eye for striking compositions, Blitz discovers beauty in a broad range of daily life objects and situations that seem to bear none. With his crisp, realistic painting style he gives form to his unique vision of things and is quickly expanding interest in his work that is held in private collections across Europe and the United States.

Blitz frequently travels with his wife and daughter between Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the US from his home / studio near the lake of Geneva, Switzerland.



Upcoming: The Acanthus Series, Galleria Gino Marotta - ARATRO, Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Università degli Studi del Molise, Campobasso, 15 May - 17 June 2019.

Dessin, galerie Boléro, centre d'art et de culture, Versoix, Switzerland, 8 - 30 April

This is America, galerie Boléro, centre d'art et de culture, Versoix, Switzerland, 4 November - 16 December
Encounters / Rencontres, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, 1 - 12 February; Espace de la Grenette, Nyon, Switzerland, 15 - 26 February

Artistes d'ici, galerie Boléro, centre d'art et de culture, Versoix, Switzerland
Splash, Artraction, Geneva, Switzerland, 11 - 26 June

Recent Work, Esplanade du Lac, Divonne-les-Bains, France

Artistes d'ici, salle communale, Versoix, Switzerland
Pencil and Paint, Théâtre Cité Bleue, Geneva, Switzerland