Benevento, 2017. Oil on linen; 124 x 140 cm

After years of travelling through Italy, Blitz  embarked on interpreting the Mediterranean architectural legacy with The Acanthus Series, a new original exhibition project. His oil paintings depict examples of how conservation efforts have dealt with surviving Egyptian, Greek and Roman architecture from a simple sign attached to a Roman column on site to the rebuilding of an Egyptian temple far away from its original location. All paintings share the idea of protecting and preserving our architectural heritage, and literally underline this idea with an emblem in the shape of an acanthus rosette. 

Blitz’ solo exhibition The Acanthus Series will take place in Galleria Gino Marotta - ARATRO, Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea, Università degli Studi del Molise, in September 2019. Final dates will be announced soon. Curators of The Acanthus Series will be Lorenzo Canova and Piernicola Maria di Iorio.