Benevento, 2017. Oil on linen; 124 x 140 cm

The Acanthus Series, a new and original exhibition project, depicts arresting combinations of surviving Roman or Greek architecture and modern scaffolding that protects or supports restoration.

After years of travelling throughout Italy, Blitz has embarked on interpreting the architectural legacy of our Mediterranean past with a compelling artistic idea. The paintings of The Acanthus Series not only show unexpected juxtapositions of ancient, solid mass and modern transparency but also present on the bottom of each canvas an ancient Roman acanthus rosette, itself a symbol for longevity, in a circle, timeless symbol for protection. Thus each painting carries an emblem that stands for public and private efforts to preserve our cultural heritage.

The Acanthus Series is a contemporary, appealing approach to our diverse, architectural patrimony of the ancient Mediterranean world, with the earliest exhibition date planned for the summer of 2019.